Sunday, 1 January 2012

New beginings

New Year.... New beginnings......

Sometimes you've just got to get the bit between your teeth and go for it......

There's nothing else for it just have to open the cupboard doors and hope that nothing breaks or hits your toes as it falls out!

Quilting as a past time requires the collection of copious amounts of stuff...... gadgets, fabric, threads, patterns, buttons, needles, more gadgets.  
Once upon a time I took a long journey on a train to Harrogate to buy a fabulous cupboard from a man in Devon (!) which promised a drawer and a shelf for every piece of stuff I could amass and gadget I could collect.  
 - the story is potentially longer than the train journey was so I'll save that for another day.
Sadly the cupboard didn't come with a built in housekeeper or fairy to keep it tidy so it had got a little rammed and disorganised....leading to many conversations with 'im indoors that went something like:
Me: " I've just got to pop out and get a xxxx"
'im indoors: "haven't you got one of those?"
Me: "Yes, but I cant remember where I last had it which means its probably in the cupboard"
'im indoors: " Aaaahhhh - you could try tidying up...."
ME: " Yes but then I'd run out of time to do what I actually want to do ...."
'im indoors: " well you'd best get going then....."

Anyway enough is enough and the turn of the year is the perfect excuse to start as you mean to go on ..... so I pulled it all off the shelves and dumped it on both the desk and the floor!!
 -I did warn you there was a fair bit of stuff!!

Then I stood and stared at it for a while  -you know -  just in case I could out -psych it into submitting to organisation and tidiness all on its own.

It didn't work!  :(

I had to prioritise  - start with the important stuff.  Family & music - that's what was needed.
So I sorted the electronic photo frame and the whizzy new docking station  into pride of place and suitably inspired...
Set to work.....
I tidied, sorted, piled things up with other things like them.  I put things away in drawers, I decided to donate some things to charities... I put some things away where they properly should be...I tidied like only a woman possessed can tidy.

So now I am all straight and organised and can find everything I need to get on with a big project..... a really REALLY big project that has a definite deadline so needs to be got right on with.... in fact I'd better stop wittering here and get on with it right now...

Well - I will when I've stopped appreciating my super tidy cupboard !!

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  1. How funny you obviously had the same rainy day as me at the weekend - and nearly the same conversation that I had with Dave!!! Excellent posts and well done on making your blog live - I very much look forward to reading more!!


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