Saturday, 5 May 2012

Little Boxes I

Borrowing kit is always great at the start of a new venture.. there's a definite advantage to "try before you buy" but sooner or later you have to dive in get your own kit organised.

A long weekend would be the perfect opportunity to get my own hive built so I could swap out the borrowed hive bits as soon as the sun shines again.

Have I mentioned how old I was when I last attempted woodwork of any sort? - ...mmm well let me see....... I'd have been about 11 years old in my first year at secondary school.  Little did I know how useful that comprehensive education was about to prove!

National hives arrive in bundles of flat packed pieces - ready to be just pushed, hammered and nailed together... nothing to it ....
Push in the side supports... and hit with a large mallet...
Surely its got to be easier than Ikea furniture...

Then when 'im indoors supervises its best to check its all square 
before drilling guide holes and screwing the sides together for extra strength...

 Look  - I got them all in a line and all straight!
 Then repeat twice more for super boxes - That's a deep ("brood") box for the queen, her entourage and all the eggs, grubs and newly hatched house bees and shallower ("super") box for honey storage.

Ta dah!!  stage 1 complete

1 comment:

  1. Excellent woodwork skills!! I now know where to come when the wood needs working!!! I'm sure the bees will be very happy in their new home - when do they get their own quilts!!!


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