Saturday, 16 February 2013

Breakfast down under

I am truly blessed with THE most fabulous friends!  The fabulous Fitzwaters dropped by from Australia and brought a little gift...

Little ? - who am I kidding?  This gift is pure gold

This is a gift to be treasured, breathed in deep and ultimately rolled around the tongue and savoured.  It demanded nothing less than home baked bread to be toasted to perfection to accompany it on a breakfast taste testing.  Because they would all smell and taste completely different wouldn't they?

So starting with the one on the left - Tasmanian Leatherwood honey


It is fabulously clear and golden coloured with a barely there clean and delicate smell, it runs nicel off the spoon and spreads well.


The Beerenberg Blue gum honey is considerably darker in colour and not as clear- you can see the bubbles on the surface.  There's nothing really wrong with that, - certainly wont stop me eating it, but it does mean it was bottled quickly.  It has a lovely toffee - caramelly smell and spreads thickly on the toast.


Now onto the Mudgee honey - boy is this thick and treacly.  It is super glossy and syrupy and smells tropically floral - it simply wont melt into the warm toast - its tough stuff - I wonder if the bees kept their boots on while they were making it!


It seems as though some members of the family have already discovered the Glenugie park honey!
Its another super golden clear honey and actually smells buttery, it is really super runny honey and sprints for the edges of the toast.

Right now ..the proof of the pudding honey is in the eating so best get on and eat!

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